A room to feed your eyes, your brain and your heart. Simoultaneously!

We are ONEROOM, a little cozy place totally devoted to contemporary photography located in Piazza dei Satiri 55, just in the heart of the heart of Rome.
Half a bookstore, half a library, with a bit of a gallery and a studio, our aim is to promote knowledge through and about the so-called “photobooks”.

Our selection of new, uncommon and rare books span between seminal masterpieces since the sixties to new self-published hidden gems yet to discover, from all over the world.
Not only a boutique for collectors, but a place to be inspired and feel how does it look the world as seen by someone else.

We love to host meaningful events, mostly in a dialogical, co-curated form, to focus attention on relevant topics or relationships between arts, politics and sciences.


We are open
4 pm – 7 pm
or when you need us
Give us a call and schedule your appointment
We are located in
Piazza dei Satiri 55
00186 Roma
phone \ whatsapp: +39 338 7229120
or drop a line to: oneroom.books@gmail.com
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