A new ongoing experience curated by ONEROOM Books

An hybrid experience in the form of a reasoned visual bibliography

Introduction. The second time I opened my eyes

Speaking of light and illumination, perceptions and cognitions; about photography and the most universal meaning I’ve ever found: the record of the light spectrum by an anologue or digital sensor. A fragment of space and time frozen, isolated from its context, reframed.

1. Come parlà ai serci | How to talk to stones

About the objectivity of the world and the subjectivity of one’s point of view.

About how the same subject can be seen differently, or the same picture can tell many different stories.


2. Stones that build walls

Rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, and some other considerations around the idea of walls, to introduce the second big question: from which perspective we are looking at things?

3. Virus reload

Curious to note as something that seems to have taken too literally the invitation to overcoming barriers and boundaries between men in a yearning for freedom has been the first practical consequences the closure of borders and the renunciation of individual freedoms and sociability, confining ourselves into forced isolation within the walls of our private.

4. A new start

On Encyclopedias as systems for defining and collecting knowledge from a specific era or culture, and on the need for updating it.

5. A shared lexicon for the World to come

The terms, concepts, and tools that are potentially useful for defining a universal language that helps us develop new skills, educating us in awareness and respect for the legitimacy of others’ points of view.